The best advice I can give to  a fellow voter is buyer be aware and to any public official who takes their job for granted, that  to every action or gesture  they make, they should  expect a reaction and  reality that they too  can be voted in or  out of  their job.

If I had to dedicate a song to Nancy Pelosi  it would be the Rolling  Stones  "You can't always get what you want".

All of us here at the American Dossier are not full time political pundits. Like our readers we all have  jobs and  or obligations that we  dont always looks forward to  getting up to do.  But if we don't ,the bills  wont get paid. 

Politics  and personal  religious beliefs aside  it is a choice to survive. If  I failed to follow the standards of my job decription  I would be fired . Shouldn't those standards be applied to Nancy Pelosi? I would love to see her job description...wait is it not to uphold the  Constitution of  The United States.

Due  to personal  scheduling  conflicts  I only got to watch the last  five minutes or so  of the State of the Union  speech. I am sure as a public figure  Ms. Pelosi  clearly understands the significance of body  language and gesture especailly when  she tore up her copy of  President Trump's  speech on national tv.  We are indeed blessed to have freedom of speech in our country.   However, Ms.Pelosi  knows  there is a time and a place . She  has spent taxpayers dollars bantering about  abuse  of power and  then selectively uses her   job as a personal bullypulpit. Once again she abused a tax payer funded  bi-partisan event  in which respect should be rendered to the President regardless of  political  affiliation or agenda. Like him or not ,agree to disagree and move on. It is no longer 2016. 

I could easily go on and on  about the Nancy Pelosi types who hold public office.  But to sum up things up  in simple  words , when it comes to politics  you dont always get who you want .  Nancy, you can't always get what you want ,but  you and  the people you serve still have a right to vote, so please respect their choice  and face the consequences of your actions.

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