A 45-year-old man sat completely naked, legs splayed open in the steam room as the swim team--girls ages 6 to 18--came in after practice. They were stunned. But instead of the man going to jail for indecent exposure, the coach was chastised for protecting the girls in her care.

And in Loudoun County, VA, physical education teacher Byron Cross has been removed from the classroom because he refuses to lie to students that they can choose to be male, female, both or neither.

If HR 5, the so-called "Equality Act," passes, such tragic incidents will be repeated across the country. We must stop this insanity. Fax the Senate now, sign the petition, and read on to learn the rest of the story. - 

Mr. Clay Scott Francis describes himself as a pagan, hedonist, witch and a "kinky transgender." Despite his lack of a "plumbing upgrade" (his words), this middle-aged biological male insists he is neither man nor woman but a "girl" who should be allowed to steam naked with actual young girls.

We were first made aware of Mr. Francis after he exposed himself to a girls' youth swim team in Washington state.

On the day in question, Mr. Francis stripped naked without so much as a towel to cover himself. He sat in the girls' sauna, legs splayed and male genitalia exposed for all to see as he watched the girls come in from swim practice.
trans 610 by Tumisu is licensed under Pixabay
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