I grew up in the Bronx about 2 miles away from Yankee Stadium.

Fast forward thirty something years  later the team you root for has been conjured with political identity.

Why do I have to worry If I should go to watch a ballgame and a circus breaks out?

I'd  usually change the channel and find better use of my time.

If I wanted to go to a circus I would gladly pay to go to a circus. But as the mainstream media goes... "hocus pocus" ... if you don't agree you must be supressed.
This week  the MLB organization  is stoked with controversey by choice in moving the All-Star Game from Atlanta not based on principle of integrity but by demand of the "Cancels Culture".

Interestingly enough national attention on the issue occured during Holocaust Remembrance Week.

Whether actor, musicans or sports stars ... all should stick to their craft.  That's what they get paid to do.  If they want to be political activists they should do so on their own time.  The hypocrisy is wide and deep.  Are ball players refusing to play in Atlanta against the Braves?  Will the Braves be forced to move out of state? 

The sleeping giant of common sense has awoke...or has it? 

Amid the rumblings of soon to be lame duck supporting political antagonists  better know as the "cancel culture"  and the principled  voice of everything American ... often lumped and labeled as  "deplorable" Trump supporters lays a deep divide.

As once again the  mainstream newscycle sells out to divide and conquer fro profit.

As reported in The New York Post Former Yankee David Wellsis protesting Major League Baseball’s decision to move the All-Star Game from Atlanta, in protest of Georgia’s new GOP-led election reform bill.

Should we "officially" boycott professional sports?

We would love to hear your opinion. 

baseball by Paul Brennan is licensed under Pixabay
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