It seems like every day a new Democrat running for President pops out of the woodwork.

But as the Democrat clown car swells, some of the contenders are more ridiculous than others.

And Trey Gowdy just dropped the hammer on the Trump challenger and sent them running for the hills.

California Congressman Eric Swalwell is latest entrant in to the 2020 field.

He is best known for threatening to nuke gun owners and his bonkers conspiracy theories about Donald Trump taking direct orders from Vladimir Putin.

But unless you are one of the dwindling numbers of Americans that religiously watches fake news CNN or MSNBC – which is 99.99 percent of the population – you have no idea who Swalwell is.

And as Trey Gowdy pointed out, that is the death knell for any run for office.

The Daily Caller reports:

“I think that last voice was Eric Swalwell’s and for your viewers that don’t know who that is, that’s a member of the judiciary committee and intelligence committee from California, he’s running for president, which I’m sure none of your viewers are familiar with and they won’t be a year from now,” Gowdy stated. “So he’s trying to get attention.”

“Nancy Pelosi said that Barr was off the rails, if anyone in the country would understand being off the rails, it would be Speaker Pelosi. This is a guy who was voice voted by the Senate. Democrats loved him. They thought he was an institutionalist, he was going to revive the Department of Justice,” he added.

“What they don’t like is what he summarized in the Mueller report. That’s what they don’t like. No collusion and we decided there is no obstruction of justice. And now, if that wasn’t bad enough, now he’s going to say something as crazy as, we are going to look at the origins of this investigation to make sure the law was followed. That’s what they are upset about.”

Swalwell has zero chance of being the  Democrat nominee.

It’s likely he is running because his home state of California’s primary is scheduled for early in the primary season and he wants to raise his profile in the Golden State for a future statewide run for office.

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