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  • 2019-11-27
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  • 11/27/2019

On November 22, 2019, President Donald Trump kept a promise he made to a grieving mother three years before.
I was there on September 17, 2016 when then candidate Donald Trump first met Agnes Gobbony along with 30 or so other families who had lost loved ones in heinious crimes committed by illegal aliens. There was a formal luncheon that day, one Trump insisted on attending, even though it was not a large or high profile event – just a few hundred attendees. At the time, Trump was selling out mega-stadiums and all staff were under strict orders not to even bother suggesting a venue under 10,000…but Trump insisted, because these were hurting families.
Mr. Trump arrived early in order to quietly meet with the families in a secluded and secured room in the back of the hotel. The press got wind he was early and threw a fit trying to get in. But for the same reasons Mr. Trump refused to allow press or photographers in prayer sessions, he did the same for these families – because some things, like deep faith and deep pain, are sacred and not to be used as part of the circus show that is politics.
That day in Dallas, Trump sat at the head of the table, surrounded by people holding pictures of murdered loved ones. I watched as Agones Gibbony, a legal immigrant from Hungary, told the story of her son Ronald de Silva’s death at the hands of Luis Gonzalez-Valencia, a career gang banger who had illegally criss-crossed our border multiple times. From 5 feet away, I watched as this larger than life, often bombastic billionaire teared up right along with all the rest of us as Agnes poured out her pain. His face red and his eyes wet, candidate Donald Trump slapped the table and made a solemn promise:
‘We’re gonna do something about this. We will get justice for Ronald’
In the seventeen years since Ronald’s murder, Agnes never stopped fighting for justice; not just for her son, but also to protect all Americans from the dangers that creep across our borders. Her work and her story have been as instrumental in fighting sanctuary cities as it has been in building the wall. Agnes Gibbony is a warrior in the way only a Momma on a Mission can be.
Last week, Agnes’ fight achieved a new milestone. On November 22, 2019 Ronald’s murderer was released from prison on parole. He’d been behind bars before and he’d been released before, free to continue to wander American streets where he never belonged thanks to the idiotic California Governors who keep protecting criminal illegals; but this time was different.
This time, the leader of the free world had a promise to keep to a woman who had worked so tirelessly to save others from the pain she had suffered. On the orders of the President himself, Luis Gonzales-Valencia was met at the prison doors by ICE officers who promptly deported him for good.

As soon as Valencia was off American soil, now President Trump tweeted “Agnes, your great boy Ronald is looking down. Very proud of you”
This is the man everyday Americans love so much…because unlike the pundits, the posers and the chattering class of paid for politicians, Donald Trump actually cares and actually keeps his promises to the powerless – even to a heartbroken Mom from Rancho Cucamonga.
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