On Tuesday, in a near-party-line vote, the Virginia House of Delegates passed a bucket of gun control proposals.
The anti-gun legislation made it through the chamber 51-58, with all Republicans and even several Democrats voting against it. Included in that category: the best-selling hunting rifle in America, the AR-15.

Democrats had initially tossed around the idea of a mandatory buyback program, but that was 86’d.
However, the bill grants state officials the right to confiscate certain types of “high capacity” ammunition.
HB961 marks the second time the House has approved a gun control package in just the last few weeks.

In late January, it okay’d a load of gun restrictions, comprised of red flag laws, universal background checks, and a law limiting firearm purchases to one per month. Now both bills make their way to the Senate, where Democrats lead 21-19.
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