There has been so much controversy surrounding Melania Trump’s Einstein visa and citizenship. In the past, the FLOTUS proudly declared that she obtained it legally after going through a rigorous application process.

But Political Flare recently claimed that this may not be entirely the case. Even though Donald Trump’s wife stressed that she isn’t a fraud, there are proofs that she could be. And if and when this happens, the publication is suggesting for Barron Trump’s mom to be deported back to Slovenia alongside her parents.

During her visa application, the FLOTUS was required to detail her educational history. This is something that she has previously lied about, which means that the information that she gave during her interview wasn’t 100 percent accurate. Melania previously lied about being a college graduate when the truth is that she was a college dropout. She was eventually called out for lying, and she eventually came clean about her educational background years ago.
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