Attorney General William Barr has a target painted on his back.

Every elected Democrat and Deep State agent wants to bring him down.

Butt William Barr was blindsided by what James Comey said about him committing a crime.

James Comey created another press spectacle when he sat for a CNN town hall event.

The broadcast was another chance for Comey to lob potshots at the President and his team as part of his desire for revenge after being fired in May 2017.

In fact, CNN timed the broadcast, so it was precisely the second anniversary of when President Trump fired Comey in disgrace.

During the event, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper asked Comey for his thoughts on how Attorney General Barr conducted himself in the wake of special counsel Robert Mueller turning in his report.

Comey actually praised Bar for going above and beyond what the law required in making the report public and not redacting much in the way of any information.

“Most of the report is unredacted so we could see it, and then I think he acted in a way that’s less than honorable in the way he described it in writing and described it during a press conference, and continues to talk as if he’s the president’s lawyer,” Comey told Cooper.

But it would not be a James Comey press event if he didn’t take the opportunity to grandstand and try and kneecap the President.

Comey then added that he thought Barr “certainly gave misleading testimony.”

That echoed a Democrat Party talking point.

The left honed in a question from Congressman Charlie Crist where he asked Barr if he had heard dissatisfaction from Mueller’s staff about the way the Attorney General presented the special counsel’s findings.

Barr testified that he had not.

But when a March 27 letter from Mueller to Barr leaked where Mueller whined to Barr that the media did not adopt enough of an anti-Trump stance surrounding Barr releasing Mueller’s findings, Democrats and other anti-Trump elements in the media and Washington pounced.

But even Comey was forced to concede Barr did not commit a crime.

“On the face of it, it doesn’t look to me like he committed perjury,” Comey admitted.

Barr answered the question truthfully because the Attorney General was only asked about if he heard rumblings from Mueller’s staff.

His only correspondence was from Mueller so Barr would have no way of knowing what was going through the minds of Mueller’s staff.

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