When parents break up, experts advise that they continue to collaborate as parents. Even if their relationship no longer works and each one decides to take a different direction in life, it’s important that they work together to raise their children.Dan Pyatt and Kelly Hope had already been divorced for five years when, despite their separation, Kelly gave a great lesson of love to her family. When she found out that her ex, Dan, needed a kidney transplant to stay alive, Kelly decided to offer herself as a donor.

At Guy’s Hospital in London, the doctors couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Never before had they seen anyone offer to donate a kidney to their ex-spouse.

Dan and Kelly have two daughters, Jeanie (11) and Billie (16), and Kelly said that she was willing to donate one of her kidneys for their sake. “Even though we weren’t together anymore, I wasn’t prepared to let my children be without a father,” she told reporter Dawn Collinson of The Mirror (whose article is the source for the quotes in this article).The hospital had been searching for a kidney for Dan for 12 months, and hadn’t found a compatible donor. Kelly, however, after undergoing the necessary tests, showed some hope of being a successful donor, even though their blood types were incompatible.
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