Who are we...
We are a collective of everyday people who have come together to create a media platform that presents news focusing on presenting the facts without tabloid journalism.

Our effort is to educate our generation and (generations to come) about our country and our world/planet with a goal to help make this a better place to live for all of us.

We will do this by delivering news factually and objectively and on important topics, presenting competing views and thus allowing our readers to analyze the news from multiple sides to make a more informed opinion on the topics/issues.
We are non-partisan and ecumenical welcoming all creeds, religions, and cultures. We believe that Christ is our light and salvation.
We stand for the truth that seems to be lost in today's secular, polarized environment.
As hard as we strive to present news objectively, we will never be perfect, but our goal is to continually improve as an organization and as a news outlet based on your feedback.
Our Contributors:

John Katz,Co-Founder/Editor
I have worked on a variety of advocacy projects and political campaigns. My  baptism by fire began  in  2000 in running the campaign office  for a U.S.Congressional candidate, I have  worked as a consultant   for  various  political campaigns, PACs, and advocacy  organizations in the role of Project coordinator   in  handling the day to day  organization needs 

Michael Norris Co-Editor
After serving as an Airborne Infantryman in the 82nd Airborne Division, Mike attended Florida State University, where he received his Bachelors Degree in Political Science and George Washington University, where he received his Masters in Political Management.

Since 2004, Mike has worked in the Florida Senate, where he was one of only two Chief’s of Staff under 30 and in the Michigan Senate, where he served as the Legislative Aide to the Assistant Minority Floor Leader.
The 2018 election cycle was Mike’s eighth as a Political Consultant.
Mike previously served as the Secretary and Vice President of the Tampa Bay Young Republicans, Regional Vice Chair for the Florida Federated Young Republicans and attended the 2012 Republican National Convention as an Alternate Delegate
He currently lives in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, with his rescue Pit Bull, Ike.

Larry Mendte, Contributing Writer
Larry Mendte is an award winning writer, reporter, anchor and documentarian. He has been the main anchor of television newscasts at network stations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia.
Currently Larry hosts two news television talk shows in New Jersey and Delaware and a radio show at WABC in New York. Larry was the first host of Access Hollywood and has won over 90 Emmy awards for his work.

Pastor Bill Devlin, Contributing Writer
Reverend William Devlin, is the CEO of REDEEM!, an organization involved in caring for girls and women who have been human trafficked. 
A life-long urban Democrat, Devlin is married to Nancy, and they have five children and seven grandchildren.  Last grandchild born on New Years Day, 2019! octanefaith@yahoo.com

Stefani Scruggs,Contributing Writer
A noted writer, speaker and political analyst, Stephani has advised several Presidential candidates, a United Nations Ambassador, several Attorneys General, Congress and the current Administration on developing pro-growth policies, international trade, currency manipulation and budget issues, as well as prolife and cannabis policies.
Follow her @StephaniScruggs
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