Anti-Trump, ex-Congressman, and former J6 Committee member Adam Kinzinger was a board member of a pro-Ukraine “non-profit” that ripped off its donors for millions of dollars and stole valor from soldiers who are actually on the battlefield. Kinzinger, who now works as a CNN contributor, was photographed hanging out with members of the group who committed both financial and war service fraud.

Ex-GOP Congressman Adam Kinzinger, a staunch supporter of escalating the Russo-Ukrainian War, was a board member of Ripley’s Heroes, the non-profit now under investigation by the federal government for its Ukraine scams that involved stolen valor and stolen cash alike.

Kinzinger joined the board of Ripley’s Heroes back in September of last year, having been a vocal proponent of escalating the war and deepening America’s involvement in it since just about the very day that Russia’s Special Military Operation in and around the contested Donbas region began. He also regularly amplified the online voices of Ripley’s Heroes members like James Vasquez, who has been exposed as a total fraud who wasn’t actually fighting on the front lines, but was outfitting himself in battle garb while taking photo ops all over Ukraine, calling himself a war hero.

Kinzinger was such a fan of Vasquez, who deleted his social media accounts in the wake of his reckoning with the truth, that he posed for photos with him, immortalizing themselves as mutual members of the Ripley’s Heroes stolen valor and cash scam.
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