Lawmakers are ringing the alarm on another Biden foreign policy crisis unfolding in Africa that again has the president in a retreat. 

The current administration's foreign policy has been a mess from the start. Crises from Biden's deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan, executive actions to open the U.S.-Mexico border to illegal aliens from all corners of the globe, and weakness in the face of an increasingly concerning unholy alliance made up of Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea have left the U.S. looking weak and off its game on the world stage. 

Another less noticed, but still alarming, situation continues to devolve in the West African nation of Niger, where Biden is — despite his tough talk about Putin when discussing Ukraine — staging a U.S. retreat as Russian forces and other American adversaries take control. According to an announcement last month, the Department of Defense will withdraw American forces from Niger by September 15.

The latest developments from this "deteriorating situation" drew the attention of House lawmakers who warn that what's happening in Niger "is impacting thousands of American citizens, servicemembers, and diplomats" whose wellbeing is being jeopardized by the Biden administration's decision to retreat — a move that will create a "void that will be filled by our adversaries and violent extremist organizations."

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