In the lawsuit filed this week by TikTok and its parent company ByteDance challenging Congress' law requiring its sale to an entity in a non-adversarial country, lawyers for the Chinese social media company cite President Joe Biden's campaign account on the platform to argue the divest-or-be-banned legislation ought to be struck down. 

One of the claims made in the lawsuit is that the law at issue is based on "at most speculation, not 'evidence'" of TikTok being used for nefarious purposes. Lawyers argue in the complaint that there isn't "evidence that TikTok is actually compromising Americans' data security by sharing it with the Chinese government or spreading pro-China propaganda," even though TikTok's lawsuit elsewhere admits that the company is an asset that the Chinese Communist Party won't allow to be sold.

Tik Tok by Kon Karampelas is licensed under PixaBay
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