The Bitcoin halving event, a pivotal occurrence, is scheduled for April, 19 2024This quadrennial event will reduce the block subsidy for Bitcoin miners from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC, thereby halving the reward that miners receive for their efforts.

Such events have historically led to profound shifts in the mining landscape, potentially influencing various economic and operational facets of Bitcoin mining.


After the halving, the immediate impact is a considerable decrease in miner revenue due to the reduced block subsidy. This could lead to a decline in the hashrate as less efficient miners may turn unprofitable and exit the network. Luxor’s Hashrate Index Research Team projects about 3-7% of Bitcoin’s hashrate could go offline if Bitcoin’s price maintains its current level. However, if prices fall, up to 16% of the hashrate could become economically unviable, depending on the trajectory of Bitcoin prices and transaction fees post-halving.

Source: Zero Hedge
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