The chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee says his probe of Biden family business dealings has evolved from examining lucrative overseas business payments to determining whether Joe Biden corruptly took policy actions to enrich his family.

"This is an investigation of the president of the United States for public corruption," he told Just the News.

In a wide-ranging interview Thursday on the state of his investigation, Comer, R-Ky., said his review of scores of suspicious activity reports flagging transactions involving Biden family businesses and partners indicated that major banks had serious concerns about money laundering dating back many years.

"What about money laundering?," he asked on the "Just the News No Noise" TV show. "Multiple banks in those violations implied that there was money laundering going on. What about racketeering? Racketeering is when you create shell companies and fake companies that serve no purpose other than to launder money."

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