On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Sierra Vista, AZ Mayor Clea McCaa (D) stated that there is “a crisis” along the border and that because Border Patrol agents are being diverted to process migrants, “The border’s wide open. We need it closed.”

McCaa said, [relevant remarks begin around 4:15] “The issue is that our Border Patrol agents are now inside their processing facilit[ies] processing the migrants coming into the U.S. And that leaves our border wide open. I just talked with our Sheriff, Mark Dannels (R), this morning, we still have a problem with…fentanyl coming across the border. … And we still just — it’s just a crisis, sir.”

He added, “We want to see more support on the border, sir. Bottom line, we need support down here, federal agents to guard our border, to make sure that we don’t have [any] more high-speed chases through my town, [any] more fentanyl coming north. We need Border Patrol officials stationed, not — I understand about the migrants coming across and I understand about the processing, but the border’s wide open. I talked to the sheriff this morning. The border’s wide open. We need it closed.”

Source: Breitbart
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