Academic leaders from around the world penned an open letter calling on artificial intelligence developers to learn more about consciousness as artificial intelligence (AI) systems advance rapidly, giving it a prominent place in our moral landscape, raising ethnical, legal and political concerns. 

The Association for Mathematical Consciousness Science (AMCS), "a large community of over 150 international researchers who are spearheading mathematical and computational approaches to consciousness," published a letter Wednesday as "a wakeup call for the tech sector, the scientific community and society in general to take seriously the need to accelerate research in the field of consciousness science."

Its writers referenced the recent letter written by leaders in tech that called for a pause in AI experiments, noting "we are living through an exciting and uncertain time in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and other brain-related technologies" and warned that AI is "accelerating at a pace that far exceeds our progress in understanding their capabilities and their ‘alignment’ with human values."

Source: Fox News
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