The Federalist's Mollie Hemingway in an interesting exchange with Marc Thiessen on Monday's 'Special Report' said that the Republican party needs to accept that former President Donald Trump will be the nominee and a unified party is needed if they want to win.
THIESSEN: If you have that many people on the debate stage and nobody winnows out, then Trump wins. It's that simple. I think probably that they ought to be doing, what the RNC ought to be doing is every debate the bar should be higher. It should be five percent in the polls to make the next debate, seven percent, 10 percent, until you have one or two people competing for the primary to challenge Trump. And then you have a Trump versus one person primary or else it's over. Right now, if you look at it, Trump is going to get the nomination if that field doesn't get smaller.

HEMINGWAY: And I do think that does affect how people should be thinking here. Trump went from having a 17.5 point lead to like 40 points now. He is really consolidating the field. If the Republican Party wants to win, one of the basic truisms of politics if they want a unified party. So dealing with the reality that I would say it's probably a 95 percent chance or better that Trump will be the nominee, the Republican Party should probably start thinking about whether they actually want to win in 2024 with that reality of who the nominee will be.
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