In March of this year, Arizona State Senator Ken Bennett joined forces with race hustlers, abortionists, illegal aliens, and environmental scammers, among others, to block legislation that would have limited early voting and forced Arizona counties to facilitate precinct voting, as opposed to the large-scale “vote centers” seen in the notorious Maricopa County, the state’s most populated area. The vote center election method has been slammed by critics and election hawks as deliberately chaotic and susceptible to fraud, and accordingly, Maricopa County has been plagued by election irregularities, election fraud, and outright election failures, with citizens being unable to vote in many cases, and many of those who do have no confidence that their ballot is being counted.


According to a report by the Arizona Daily Independent, in blocking the precinct voting legislation, “Bennett joins the State Conference NAACP, Common Cause, Planned Parenthood Advocates Of Arizona, Sierra Club, and the illegal immigrant rights group, Living United For Change In Arizona (LUCHA), in opposition.”

As mentioned, Bennett’s vote with Democrats to preserve the fraud-ridden vote center election method and protect early voting is not his first rodeo.

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