More than half of the job candidates seeking to become U.S. border patrol agents are failing the Homeland Security Department’s polygraph, though many passed such tests in other jobs, a pattern that is alarming some in Congress and leading a prominent union to suggest something sinister is happening. 

Brandon Judd, president of National Border Patrol Council union, told Just the News that half to two-thirds of applicants continue to fail the lie detector test, and it is crippling the Customers and Border Protection (CBP) agency’s ability to keep staffed with the ongoing border crisis.

"They're failing an awful lot of qualified candidates,” Judd told the John Solomon Reports podcast on Friday, the day the Trump-era Title 42 policy expired, ushering a new wave of illegal migrants across the southern border. "And the reason why we know that they're failing them is because these individuals have already passed other polygraph tests, or they fail ours and then they go pass a state polygraph test."

Judd, whose union has clashed regularly with the Biden administration over what it considers lax border-security policies having allowed historic numbers of illegal aliens to enter the country, said he believes the polygraph failures are intentional.

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