Seattle officials have opened up city police jobs to illegal aliens in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

With the Seattle Police Department (SPD) at its lowest staffing level in decades, officials in city hall are looking to take advantage of a recently passed state law that allows jurisdictions to hire non-citizens as police officers.

The Democrat-dominated state legislature recently passed Senate Bill 6157, a law that allows jurisdictions to give DACA recipients police powers. One reason the bill was needed is because so many liberal cities have wiped out their police departments with Black Lives Matter (BLM) policies, defund the police schemes, and other policies that generally undermine their departments, making it difficult to find recruits.

Seattle, for instance, has lost more than 700 officers over the past five years, and, with only 913 officers, it now stands at a 30-year low in its number of officers.

Source: Breitbart
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