A secret report compiled by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has painted a bleak picture for the future of the country, warning that worsening economic conditions could cause Canadians to revolt against the government

The report, titled "The Whole-of-Government Five Year Trends for Canada," zeroed in on young people, noting that the way things are going, it is unlikely they will be able to afford to live the life they were promised in the nation they call home.  

The report, a heavily redacted version of which was recently released in response to an access to information request filed by Thompson Rivers University assistant professor Matt Malone, begins by listing a series of crises at home and abroad, predicting that the situation "will probably deteriorate further in the next five years." 

"The coming period of recession," it suggests, "will … accelerate the decline in living standards that the younger generations have already witnessed compared to earlier generations." 

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