Former President Donald Trump called on Americans to "pray" after Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed his latest plans for his country's nuclear weapons over the weekend.

Putin announced on Saturday plans to place nuclear weapons in Belarus for the first time in decades as Russia's relations with the West continue to sour amid its invasion of Ukraine. The conflict has long sparked concerns of escalation, with fears that Russia could eventually use nuclear weapons in the ongoing war. Russia, on the other hand, has accused the West of inflaming tensions through its support for Ukraine.

The Russian leader's nuclear decision sparked quick condemnation from critics and anti-nuclear advocates, who viewed Putin's move as potentially escalating tensions. It came after the United Kingdom gave Ukraine armor-piercing rounds containing depleted uranium, which Russia has falsely equated to arming them "with a nuclear component."

Trump, who is running for the presidency in 2024 again, spoke out about the development Monday morning in a post to his social media platform, Truth Social.

Source: Newsweek
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