Dr. Hanna Nohynek, a World Health Organization (WHO) official, has told a court that her recommendation to Finland’s government during the pandemic was that the so-called “vaccine passport” was not necessary.

Nohynek, who is also the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare’s chief physician, testified that as the controversial schemes were being announced, her stance was that Covid vaccines were not effective in stopping the transmission of the virus, and therefore “vaccine passports,” designed to prove somebody’s vaccination status and create a checkpoint society, were superfluous.

Worse still, they provided people with “a false sense of security,” is how the doctor put it, referring to her advice dating back to the end of 2021. As for the awareness that the vaccines did not stop Covid transmission, reports quoting Nohynek’s testimony say the Institute knew this in the summer of that year, and possibly earlier.


WHO by Miguei p-Padrinan is licensed under Pixabay
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