Now that the United States is overextended militarily with simultaneous proxy engagements in the Ukraine-Russia and Israel-Gaza wars, many fear that China will take advantage of this situation and make a decisive move towards the island of Taiwan, potentially taking the American military capabilities to the brink.

So, yesterday (2), on an eventful day that saw the strongest Taiwan earthquake in 25 years, as well as a telephone conversation between US President Joe Biden and Chairman Xi Jinping, the Chinese PLA (People’s Liberation Army) decided to make yet another show of force over and around the contested island.

Dozens of Chinese warplanes and multiple naval ships were reported around Taiwan in the largest coordinated display this year.

At least 30 planes and nine ships were detected in Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) by the country’s Ministry of National Defense.

China PLAAF J-16 by Ministry of National Defense is licensed under WikiMedia Commons
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