Yesterday we told you about the illegal immigrant living in Chicago who was arrested nine times in nine months for various crimes, getting released back onto the street every time until he finally committed a more serious felony.  This is how things go when pro-crime "progressive" policies meet pro-illegal immigration "sanctuary" policies.  It's a caricature of dysfunction and lawlessness.  While some Chicago Democrats have started rebelling against this approach to governance, even calling to rescind the city's sanctuary status, others are burying their heads in the sand.  One elected official, for instance, has decided to simply stop posting crime alerts, because doing so creates a bad 'perception.'  And what better way to improve perception than to actively ignore dangerous realities?  

Big brain stuff from this woman, whose smug smile matches her performative 'pride' pin.  She wants LGBT people to feel "safe," I'm sure she'd explain, but not so much that she's willing to inform them about crimes in their neighborhoods.  A perfect encapsulation of empty woke signaling:
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