(Yahoo! Sports) Kurt Helin Oct 16 2019 7:55 AM Both NBA and Chinese officials were hoping tensions around Rockets GM Daryl Moreys Tweet about Hong Kong protesters would start to fade with the Lakers and Nets out of China and the new NBA season set to begin in less than a week. There seemed to be a desire to just get back to business as usual. Then on Monday LeBron James re-ignited the controversy telling reporters he believed Morey was misinformed" and not educated" on the topic. Whatever he intended to say LeBrons statement came off as putting money in front of free speech rights even as LeBron tried to clarify and say he was just referring to Morey not being aware of the ramifications of his Tweet. It led to a backlash in the United States and LeBrons jersey being burned in Hong Kong. Tuesday LeBron spoke again on the topic to say this would be the last time he discusses it. He wants to focus on basketball. Monday night LeBron sounded like a man frustrated he and other players had been thrust into the middle of a complex geopolitical struggle between the worlds two biggest powers sides that already engaged in a trade war. Which he has every right to be frustrated about especially since he and other top stars make a chunk of money off shoe and other apparel sales in China. How LeBron expressed that frustration made things worse.
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