John KatzEditorThe American Dossier I am sure most are familiar with they saying If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it must be a duck. I propose that the DNC should change their animal symbol from that of jackass to a blue duck. Did you ever wonder how the Democrats adopted the donkey as their partys animal? The donkey imagery derived from Democrat Andrew Jacksons 1828 presidential campaign. His opponents called him a jackass and Jackson decided to use the image of the strong-willed animal on his campaign posters. In 1874 a cartoonist by the name of Thomas Nast used the donkey in newspaper cartoons which made it famous. He also invented the Republicans party animal the elephant. He drew a cartoon that appeared in Harpers Weekly with a donkey clothed in lions skin scaring away all the animals at the zoo. One of those animals the elephant was labeled The Republican Vote. Today Democrats say the donkey is smart and brave while Republicans say the elephant is strong and dignified. So when it comes to every day issues beyond impeachment we all await to hear proposed polices from all our elected officials that are smart and brave and offer quality and substance that are strong and dignified. The year is quickly coming to an end as the holiday season quickly approaches. As I write this the Democrats are scrambling to move forward with their 2020 mission to find a Presidential Candidate while still continuing pushing impeachment agenda. On November 20th the DNC will have their 5th debate. The fifth debate will be at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta. And will be moderated by Rachel Maddow Andrea Mitchell Kristen Welker and Ashley Parker. If these folks can get over their fixation on Impeachment we should expect to hear more on the issue of Medicare for All". In an Interview published today from CNBCs John Harwood Bernies Sanders was pressed on how he would pay for his plan Bernie Saunders went on to say : Youre asking me to come up with an exact detailed plan of how every American how much youre going to pay more in taxes how much Im going to pay. I dont think I have to do that right now". Sen. Elizabeth Warren is pushing a very similar health plan on the campaign trail has also artfully dodged questions on how she would fund the program. John Harwood further pressed Sanders on how he would take the United States of America toward democratic socialism and if it was his intention to appoint democratic socialists to big positions to his administration? Sanders response was rather elusive and defensive as he stated to Harwood: Well youre going a little bit too crazy on the word here?" ; I will appoint people who believe in the working class and the working families of this country who are prepared to stand up to the incredibly powerful corporate interests that today dominate our economic and political life…So when I talk about democratic socialism lets be clear what does it mean? Lets not get people overly nervous about it." Now it is time to get back to my opening statement of the DNC changing their animal symbol. Seems to me that even Bernie is admitting that socialism is something we should be nervous about. His self branded Democratic Socialism. surely looks and quacks like a socialist duck.
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