(Townhall) One of the strangest things about liberals is how they think getting arrested is some kind of achievement. Take Jane Fonda who at the tender age of 81 is still ranting about capitalist America ruining the world. Only this time the issue is climate change instead of the Cold War. Hanoi Jane infamously sat behind a communist antiaircraft gun in Vietnam in 1972 and today one could imagine her aiming her big gun at commercial aircraft ruining the planet with their notorious carbon emissions. Naturally liberal journalists are delighted. On Oct. 25 the Hollywood Reporter gushed over her third arrest on Capitol Hill. This time actor Ted Danson was arrested alongside her. The Reporter included a pile of happy play-by-play tweets (including video tweets) by Hannah Jewell of The Washington Post. She seemed to be on a first-name basis with the socialist actress. -- Jane just asked a group of very buttoned up college kids on a capitol visit if they wanted to join her she tweeted. Ted Danson added that getting arrested sharpens the mind.
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