(The Hill) Jose Segovia-Benitez a 38-year-old Marine Corps combat veteran who served in Iraq was deported to El Salvador a country where he hasnt lived since he was a toddler on Wednesday. Segovia-Benitezs attorney Roy Petty told the Phoenix New Times that he didnt find out Segovia-Benitez had been deported until after he arrived for a planned meeting with his client at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Arizona where he was being held. Certainly this is a surprise he told the paper Wednesday. ICE kept his deportation a secret. They kept it a secret from him me his other attorney and they kept it a secret from his mother. Its not common practice. Generally what ICE will do is they will notify the person so the person can make arrangements. They woke him up and put him on a plane" he continued. An ICE spokeswoman confirmed Segovia-Benitezs deportation in a statement to The Hill on Wednesday.
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