(NY Post) Brian Lewis October 11 2019 6:08am SHANGHAI China Apparently the NBA is going to go 0-for-China in terms of media availability on this trip that has gone from highly anticipated to highly controversial. Both the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers scheduled availability has been called off surrounding Saturdays game in Shenzen. In the wake of NBA commissioner Adam Silvers statements supporting Houston GM Daryl Moreys right to free speech the communist Chinese government already had shut down every press conference before and after the Nets 114-111 win Thursday in Shanghai. The situation wont be any better in Shenzen. The only difference is the league finally got proactive and took matters into their own hands. We have decided not to hold media availability for our teams for the remainder of our trip in China" the NBA said in a statement. They have been placed into a complicated and unprecedented situation while abroad and we believe it would be unfair to ask them to address these matters in real time." For background Morey had retweeted a meme last Friday supporting the Hong Kong protestors. He later deleted the tweet and apologized but the Chinese government wasnt appeased. Then Silver made statements to mollify the government that not only still didnt suffice but vexed some stateside that accused the league of kowtowing.
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