The American Dossier ..... By John Katz There is no Democratic or Republican way of cleaning the streets"-Mayor of NYC Fiorello La Guardia circa 1933-452 July 4th -in·de·pen·dencenoun ˌin-d -ə ˈpen-d n(t)s ə Synonyms: self-sufficiency self-dependence self-reliance selfsubsistence self-support Definition of INDEPENDENCE1 1 : the quality or state of being independent 2 archaic : COMPETENCE i.e. I am a native New Yorker hence the quote from Mayor La Guardia above and I am a son of Reagan Democrats. Several generations of my family bore witness to and the effects of the grandeur as well as the effects of blight and decline in New York City from 1900 thru the present. So what does a native New Yorker son of Reagan Democrats have to offer to this website? I love the Websters Dictionary and to try follow the road map of history when I write a story. Hence also why our website was named The American Dossier. I have worked in politics overall at some level since the age of 6. Of course I say this jokingly as my formal introduction to politics. It was during the 1976 presidential race won by of Jimmy Carter. I was drafted" by my father to work for the Carter campaign. The Bronx Democrat Club paid a penny for each flier I handed out promoting Carter for President. Another true story I also wrote a book report on President Carters rising from humble beginnings to becoming President. My point is that I am American first beyond any political label you could say I was a naive kid son of liberal Parents but regardless of candidate I was introduced not indoctrinated with political propaganda and learned to value the core principles first imagined by our Founding Fathers. It was this principle of living in a Republic I learned to value. Although I did NOT agree eye to eye with my father on particulars he did give the gift of the important responsibility of wisely choosing a President. Thankfully we were not founded to be a dictatorship or a monarchy. It was that along with being able to say the pledge of Allegiance and yes having a moment of silence even in a New York City classroom. Allegiance to God and Country in some shape or form needs to be passed along from generation to generation. My grand-father was also a patriot. As he was A World War I veteran and also worked for Mayor LaGuardia. I can remember hearing his stories from him about that the Great Depression and the reality of the Holocaust. I vividly recall my grandfather playing old 78 RPM records of President Franklin D. Roosevelts Fireside Chats. That being said it truly was an experience growing up during the 1970s in NYC as the city was bankrupt and very corrupt. My father was very involved with the Democrat Club in the Bronx. He also was a NYC Referee /Judge who escaped being corrupted himself. Many older folks I am sure are familiar with Bronx Borough President Stanley Simon who ended up serving about ten years at a Federal prison(3) ​ The whole golden era escapade of Mr. Stanley Simon to any New Yorker of any political party is that Mr. Simon was a corrupt pig. Mr. Simon ultimately payed for his malice no sweet talk be applied. Urban blight brought this decline in integrity and values. In 1970s NYC. Thus much like what Philadelphia is going through now.. New Yorkers have been there and done that. It wasnt really until the emergence of then US Attorney for the Southern District of New York future Mayor Giuliani that the City woke up and did something about it. Another story for another time.
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