(Politico) She rarely goes to party lunches and skipped Senate votes to run the Ironman. She endorsed a primary challenger against one of her own colleagues and hobnobs with Republicans at least as much as she does with her own caucus. Kyrsten Sinema doesnt really fit in with her fellow Senate Democrats. Dont even ask her whether she watches the Democratic presidential debates. Im not missing anything. I prefer happiness" Sinema declares in a 25-minute interview a rare extended conversation with an outlet not based in Arizona. Look how happy I am." Arizonas first Democrat to win a Senate race in 30 years has done little to raise her profile in Washington; shes more focused on trying to balance her extreme workout regime with a moderate record on par with West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchins. Sinema has long cultivated a bipartisan posture. But her support for Donald Trump nominees like Attorney General William Barr and her lack of zeal for impeachment are part of a political profile drawing blowback from progressives and cheers from the GOP. Yet Sinema is also setting herself up to be a pivotal vote the next time the Democrats are in power. And her radical breed of centrism could be a headache for the party. Take the liberal drive to bust down age-old Senate rules in order to pass Medicare for All" or a Green New Deal." Sinema not only opposes getting rid of the 60-vote filibuster threshold for legislation she wants to restore the supermajority requirement for presidential nominees that has been weakened by both parties.
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