Stephani Scruggs Contributor The American Dossier Just when we thought the pandering of the left couldnt get more blatantly ridiculous the chattering class has begun to float a Warren/Booker 2020 ticket. Faucahontis of course if perhaps most famous for her role in stealing Native American creds to land herself not only in law school but also a plumb job at Harvard. When that little picadillo was thoroughly exposed by President Trump and later ol Liz herself with her laughable public misunderstanding of just how DNA tests get read Warren pivoted as only a politician can to try to pander to what the Left hopes is the one demographic left that will defend the Democratic party to the bitter end even if that means factory closures job losses and the return of pajama boy the pink hatted wearing ladies (and I use that term very loosely) over at #MeToo. In an effort to garner sympathy with the Alyssa Milanos of the world Liz now claims she was once fired for being preggers. But just like Lizs high cheek boned Navaho claims it turns out this little story is baloney too. Locked in the dark ages Warren apparently didnt realize that employers actually keep digitized records now making HR files super-duper easy to search; and it turns out not only was Elizabeth Warren NOT fired for being pregnant (records show she resigned) her employer also in writing tried to cajole Liz into staying on the job. Once again Liz is as clumsily busted as that awful spontaneous kitchen counter chat where Liz tried to seem like a regular Joe er or Joette by cracking a beer at her very swanky upscale kitchen counter. Never mind the black mammy cookie jar on the shelf even without those speculations that video was as clumsy as Hillary pretending to be pleasant. The closest shot the Democrats had for trying to steal Trumps regular guy demographic was Uncle Joe but Joes political capital died with the Clintons popcorn worthy fall from grace. Yes the Clinton era is done. Stick in a fork in it even ol Slytherin mascot James Carville wont touch that decaying Democrat roast. No clinging to Barry either as 10 years of poverty under during the Obama/Biden years is precisely why the regular joes joined the Trump train in the first place. And then theres Bidens creepy with the ladies racist past and illegal campaign contributing Ukrainian present. The DNC wisely decided Uncle Joe has got to go…and they were right. But while the Left doesnt like men much they also know they need them because lets face it a female/female ticket wont win you know it I know it and they know it; so that leaves Oprah pal and handsome-even-though-hes-never-ever-been-married-and rarely-seen-with-a-woman Corey Booker. (Hmmm another demographic ripe for pandering perhaps?). Regardless Booker slick tongued and camera ready as he maybe has one thing in common with Uncle Joe the mini-empire Booker headed crumbled under his leadership. Anyone who had to set foot in Newark NJ between 2006-2013 can tell you what a desperate dingy and desperate place the city was yet Cory busy running around with Hollywood giants and the queen of TV Oprah was rarely present. Apparently Newark was too nasty even for its own Mayor. But Coreys cute black single unlikely to tick off the pink hat wearers while also having the third most liberal voting record in the Senate where (in keeping with his natural tendency) Booker has gotten literally nothing done. In Booker Liz has found her political soul mate…and Trump will once again win big because unlike the DNC and political hacks who never get out of the beltway the average voting American does not care one wit about race sex or even the environment. The one and only thing American really cares about at the end of the day is jobs. After suffering excruciating belt-tightening if not outright poverty for 10 years under the last pander fueled Administration Americans arent going back. Trump gave them their jobs back and no one not from the steel mills of the upper mid-west to the sandy beaches of Florida no one and I mean no one is going to allow Liz Cory or anyone else to take those jobs back…the pink hats be darned. Stephani Scruggs A noted writer speaker and political analyst Stephani has advised several Presidential candidates a United Nations Ambassador several Attorneys General Congress and the current Administration on developing pro-growth policies international trade currency manipulation and budget issues as well as prolife and cannabis policies. Follow her @StephaniScruggs
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